Discussion Plan: Setting Civic Norms

Discussion Plan: Setting Civic Norms:

Are these actions within the bounds of our civic (societal) norms or are they socially unacceptable?  Why do you think these might be socially acceptable/unacceptable? 

  1. Not raking the leaves on your own lawn
  2. Leaving rubbish on the front porch all week
  3. Swapping babies at the hospital – you want a girl (but had a boy), they want a boy (but had a girl) – so you agree to swap
  4. Talking about someone behind their back
  5. Not helping a friend with their homework if they ask for your help
  6. Being grounded by your parents
  7. Not sending out thank you notes when you receive presents
  8. Not offering your seat when you notice an elderly person standing on the bus
  9. Refusing to do something your parents ask you because you don’t feel like it
  10. Refusing to do something your parents ask you because you think it is wrong
  11. Avoiding a friend when you are angry at them
  12. Parents giving a child a slap to punish them
  13. Parents giving their child a slap as they reach for the hot stove

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