Discussion Plan: Knowing how to act – ps-ms

Discussion Plan:  Knowing how to act

Are there societal norms and/or rules that govern how we act in the following situations – if so, how do we come to know about them? Is it anyone’s responsibility to make sure you know about them? How do we learn how to follow them? In each case, if there is a norm or rule – do you always follow it? Is there somewhere we can find the procedures to follow written out? Are they in plain language? Are they in clear view?

  • How to behave in class
  • What to do at a red traffic light
  • How to properly wait your turn at the post office
  • How to cross a road safely
  • How to behave when you visit a friend in their home
  • What counts as suitable clothing to wear to school
  • Who has priority seating on a bus
  • How to behave at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah party
  • What counts as a ‘suitable’ present for a birthday.
  • How to make up with a friend after a fight
  • How much tzeddakah to give
  • How much television to watch