Leading Idea: Thinking about Journeys

Leading Idea: Thinking about Journeys and Journeying

The books of Bereshit and Shemot are full of journeys. Several ideas are explored  here that prepare students for the pieces of narratives that they will encounter. In this regard the first set of discussion plans and activities can act as induction exercises as well as being helpful as tools to explore more deeply questions students raise. Attention is drawn here to three aspects of journeying that can prepare students for thinking about this parashah and the parshiot that follow.

(i) The meaning of journeying – what makes something a journey and what does journeying involve?

(ii) Ancient Journeys – reminding ourselves that journeys weren’t always taken in a car – What earlier modes of transport were there?  What reasons led people to travel? What might the journey look like?

(iii) Figuring out the larger context from the details we know. What are some of the plausible inferences we might make given the details we are told?