Discussion Plan: Leaving Home -HS

  1. Discussion Plan: Leavings
  2. Do we all have to ‘leave home’ in order to grow up? Explain.
  3. Avram took his extended family with him – so what was he really leaving behind?
  4. Is there a difference in growing up between leaving your parents and leaving your brothers/sisters? If so, what is it?
  5. If you go away but you still think about people a lot, and text them/e-mail them, have you left them behind?
  6.  If you still hear them speaking to you – telling you what to do – have you left them behind?
  7. In growing up – do you think the important thing is what you are leaving, or what you are heading towards?
  8. Are you attached to places as well as people? Describe these places.
  9. Do you think that places are tied to our identity in the same way as people are? Explain.
  10. Which do you think would be more difficult – to leave individual people, or to leave your language and culture?