Discussion Plan: Creating something entirely new – ps,hs

Discussion Plan: Creating something entirely new

  1. When an artist creates a work of art, are they creating something entirely new?
  2. When the very first computer was created, was its creation entirely new?
  3. Can words create something entirely new?  (if so, does it need to be an entirely new word?)
  4. When we create things, does it always have to be out of something that already existed?
  5. Can shaping existing elements in totally new ways create something entirely new? (What about dreams? Fantasies? a language?)
  6. How do you think it is possible for an inventor to come up with a radically new idea?
  7. Is there anything we can create out of nothing?
  8. What about a problem? Can we create a problem out of nothing?
  9. If something is totally transformed – a larvae into a butterfly – is the entirely new thing (the butterfly) something created or something made?

In light of the discussion above, if the heavens and earth were created as an entirely new thing  – what might this mean?