Laura and Alvan Siegal Summer Institute, Beginners Seminar, 2015

Beginners Seminar: Laura and Alvan Siegal Summer Institute,
Case Western University, Cleveland OH.

Beginners workshop-CLE-2015This year was our 3rd year of offering professional development in Philosophical Inquiry with Tanakh through the Siegal Summer Institute at Case Western University. The seminar brought together educators from across the  denominations and from both Synagogue Schools and Day schools  around the country.

The seminar was led by Dr. Howard Dietcher from Hebrew Univeristy, Jerusalem, Dr. Jen Glaser from ‘Engaging Texts’ and teachers in Cleveland who are completing their Teacher Educators training in this approach: Bonnie Gordon, Marla Wolff, Amelea Zamir and Benjamin Barnett.

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Dr. Howard Deitcher, Siegal Summer Institute, 2015


Amelea Zamir and Marla Wolf

Amelea Zamir (teaching) and Marla Wolf (to her left): participants in the training program for teacher educators based at the JECC in Cleveland.