Siegal Summer Institute 2016



From Left Back to Right Front: Back row: Jen Glaser, Marla Wolf, Deborah Morosohk, xxx, Sandi Intraub, Susan Morrel,; Middle Row:  Elissa Chanales, SArah Alevsky, Elena Levitt, Feygi Phillips, Daniella Botnick, Yehudit Kanfer, Monica Glina, Ariann Weitzman, Howard Deitcher Front row: Sarah Alevsky, Erica Allen, Sam Eisner, Bryan Conyer, Beth Mann. Also present were: , Elena Levitt, Benjamin Barnett, Susan Simon, Feygi Phillips, Charles Stone.

PIJE at Siegal Life-long Learning,  Summer Institute, July 2016
19 Jewish Educators came together at the Siegal Summer Institute at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH for Beginner and Advanced seminars in Philosophical Inquiry in Jewish Education in July 2016. Participants came fromn  Boston, Baltimore, Cleveland, Michigan, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New York, Oakland and even Melbourne, Australia!  The Beginner’s workshop was led by Dr. Howard Deitcher and Susan Simon, and the Advanced seminar by Dr. Jen Glaser.

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