Community of Practice – JECC Cleveland – 28th Oct, 2016


4:00 pm - 8:30 pm


2030 South Taylor Road, Cleveland, 44118

October 28th: Community of Practice, JECC, Cleveland OH (4:00-8:30pm)
4:00-6:00pm      Developing Caring Community:
careThe Community of Inquiry focuses on developing the 4 ‘C’’s – critical, creative, caring and collaborative communities – This session will focus on developing care in the community of inquiry as laid out in the Philosophy for Children literature in general, and through sources on Jewish values (Middot).
6:00-6:30pm   Dinner

6:30-8:30pm:   The Joseph Narratives:
We will start the session with an inquiry based on Vayeishev, then expand from there to look at the themes and issues arising across the larger set of 4 curricula pieces around the Joseph Narrative, from parashiot Vayeishev to Va-yechi (this covers some new material not yet on the website.

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