Joining Engaging Texts

Engaging Texts is new, innovative, and pushes the boundaries of what we might expect from Jewish Education.  

During 2016 Engaging Texts is still under development, which is good news for you! During this time we are offering all of our resources (curricula resources, online Community of Practice, working groups) free of charge to anyone who has completed our 4 day introductory workshop. Taking part in this professional development as a ‘first step’ is important so that  you get to know this approach to Jewish education from the inside, and will therefore be able to utilize the approach, the pedagogical tools and curriculum resources we are offering you, in an informed way.

How do I get started?
Typically there are two routes to engagement – as an individual educator, or as an institution 

Individual educators.

Siegal Summer Institute, Cleveland.

Sign up for one of our regional workshops. At completion of the workshop you will receive a certificate off completion and be joined to the network. In 2016, we have seminars planned in Berkely CA, Cleveland OH, and Boston MA.  More information about these are available on our homepage.
Fortunately, the Institutions offering these workshops have worked hard to secure significant subsidies, so the price of these workshop has been kept very low. If you would first like to speak to someone who has attended a workshop and is now implementing philosophical inquiry in their classroom, please send us a note and we will put you in touch with someone.


Hebrew College; Boston, Nov. 2015

Join the network by either sending educators to our workshops, or hosting a workshop in their own community.  We will work with you to create readiness on the ground toward this end (through offering demonstration classes, skype linkups, meetings with faculty or community members, etc). If you are interested in learning more about these options please send us a note through the ‘Contact’ portal on the homepage of this website

The development of the Engaging Texts network is generously supported by a Covenant Signature Grant.