Exercise: Journeys

Exercise:  Journeys

This exercise strengthens our reasoning skills by asking us to reason toward the best explanation. If someone sets out with these items (amongst others) on a journey, what might you infer regarding:

  • Where they might be going;
  • What they might be planning to do;
  • How they plan on getting there.
  1.  Sunscreen, thick boots, compass, a water bottle and a back pack with a box of worms
  2. Shorts and T-shirt, a leather jacket, gloves, goggles, a beach towel and book.
  3. A can of gasoline, bottle of water,  spare tire, MP3 player, and horse in a trailer
  4. A 50ft rope, pegs, hammer, hard helmet, 4 wheel drive
  5. Iced chocolate cake,  change of clothes, a CD wrapped in wrapping paper, train schedule,  candles

As a variation, in pairs prepare to tell the story of this journey to the rest of the group.