Discussion Plan: Part-Whole relationships (Good).

Discussion Plan: Part whole relations

  1. Can a person be a good person if they make mistakes?
  2. Can every feature of someone’s face be beautiful without their face being beautiful?
  3. Can every act someone does be good without the person being good?
  4. Can a thief be a good person?
  5. If you share something that is good with someone else, does that mean you are left with half as much ‘goodness’ (can you think of examples and counter examples?)
  6. Does a good person have to be good all the time?
  7. How do you decide whether something is good?
  8. Can a good toy be good even if it no longer works?
  9. If having one slice of cake is good, is having 4 slices going to be 4 times as good?
  10. Can a team be a good team when one of the players is not a good player?
  11. Can all the players in a team be good players, but the team be a bad team?