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Kids’ Questions: Kol HaLev, Cleveland Ohio

These questions were asked by a 5th – 7th grade community of inquiry that meets as part of Kol HaLev’s shabbat morning programming. This inquiry convened October 2014. Question-askers’ names were attributed, but have been removed.

  1. Why are there no more sea monsters? ()  A
  2.  Why is the world today different than the new world described? ()  A | B
  3. Why is light seen to be good and not darkness? ()  B
  4. Why does God see everything He makes as good? ()  B
  5. What if God didn’t see everything He made as good?  ()  B
  6. Did God use trial and error, and not mention / “see as good” the failures?  ()  B
  7. When God created things, did he eliminate some? ()  A | B
  8. Why did God decide life had to eat vegetation? ()   C
  9. Why did God create all these diseases? ()  C
  10. Why separate ‘water-above’ from ‘water-below’? ()  C
  11. (from 4, above) Why did God at first see everything as good, but later many things (cancer, war, ebola) turned out to be bad? ()  A | B | C

Chosen categorizations:
A= why or how things change/changed (from original creation to today)
B= nature of goodness / recognizing / judging goodness
C= why is the world this way / why was the world created this way?