Discussion Plan: The Act of Laughter

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Discussion Plan: The Act of Laughter

N.B. You might like to get students to actually do the first five questions/instructions before they talk about each one.

1. Ok – try to laugh. Can you do it? If you did, where in the body did the laughter take place?

2. Can you laugh from your belly?

3. Can you laugh with your eyes?

4. Can you laugh silently?

5. Can you laugh inwardly without showing anything outside? If so, where is the laughter happening?

6. Is there a difference between laughing inwardly and laughing silently?

7. What is a difference between laughing to yourself and laughing at yourself? Does the actual laughter feel different in each case? If so, in what way is it different?

8. Can you laugh without intending to?

9. Can you laugh without being aware you are doing it?

10. Could you be mistaken about whether you are laughing?

11. Can you hold back laughter?

12. If you suppress your laughter, have you still laughed?

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