Discussion Plan: The Effects of Laughter

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Discussion Plan: The Effects of Laughter

1. Do you think laughter is infectious? If so, why?

2. Can you ever laugh too much?

3. Is laughter always pleasurable?

4. When people say “laughter is the best medicine” what do they mean? Do you think laughter can effect your health?

5. If you laugh just on the inside, have you still laughed?

6. Are there some kinds of laughter you can’t control? Are there kinds you can control?

7. Can you ‘laugh on demand’? If so, is this the same as real laughter?

8. Could you ever laugh out of fear?

9. Do you think that there are differences in the way women and men laugh or use laughter?

10. Can you use laughter as a way of controlling a situation? Explain.

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