Secondary Sources: Animals and People: Killing Animals and Killing People- UPS

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Secondary Sources: Animals and People – Killing Animals and Killing People

Bereshit Chapter 9:1-7- בְּרֵאשִׁית

You are permitted to use the animals and employ them for work, rule over them in order to utilize their services for your survival, but you must not hold their life cheap or kill them for food. Your natural diet is vegetarian… Apparently the Torah was in principle opposed to the eating of meat. When Noah and his descendants were permitted to eat meat this was a concession conditional on the law against eating blood. This law implied respect for the principle of life (“for the blood is the life”) and hints that in reality all meat should have been prohibited. This restriction was designed to call to mind the previous total one.
Cassuto: From Adam to Noah, on Genesis 1:27

Umberto Cassuto was also known as Moshe David Cassuto (1883–1951). He was a rabbi and Biblical scholar born in Florence, Italy.

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Since the land had become filled with violence and man had allowed himself to do terrible things, man was no longer required to go without killing animals for food. It was far more important that he should control himself and hold back from killing other human beings, and respect the life of his neighbor.

Nehama Leibowitz on Rav Kook, Professor Nehama Leibowitz was a famous Israeli Bible scholar who developed a particular style of Bible study that was very popular around the world.

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