Activity: Interview about what we eat – MS, HS, A

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Noach-9.1.7-Eating-Meat-Microphone-ImageActivity: Interview about what we eat


Interview two people in your family or community about the following:


  1. Is there any kind of food that you personally choose not to eat? Why?
  2. Do you think that what you eat affects your health?
  3. Do you think that what you eat affects your mood?
  4. Do you think you can look at what someone eats and draw any conclusion about their lifestyle? Their values?
  5. Do you think that what you choose to eat or not eat can makes you a better person?
  6. Do you eat meat? Do you think this affects the kind of person you are?
  7. In the account of creation God blesses us and tells us and gives us all seed bearing plants to eat. In Noah, after the flood he tells he blesses us again, but this time he also allow us to eat meat. Why do you think God changes his blessing? Do you think we should eat meat?

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