Discussion Plan: Deciding what we should eat – UPS, MS, HS

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Discussion Plan: Deciding what we should eat

  1. Do you think parents should control what food their two year old child eats?
  2. Do you think your family should control what kinds of food you eat?
  3. Are there food you can eat too much of?
  4. Are there foods you can eat too little of?
  5. Are their kinds of food that it is hard to stop eating once you start?
  6. Are there animals you don’t think we should eat because it is wrong to kill them?
  7. If you raise an animal and look after it – would it be wrong to eat it? (Would this be the same if you lived on a farm?)
  8. In many ways, animals are like people – is that a reason not to kill them?
  9. Think of eating an animal’s eye – yuk! Why does this sound gross?
  10. Are there foods (like sushi, pizza, falafel, gefilta fish) that you associate with certain countries or cultures?
  11. How much do you think that your own culture decides what it is possible for you to eat?

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