Secondary Sources: Caring for our world

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Secondary Sources: Caring for our world


Look upon This Land – Molly Cone

Look upon this land—
Touch it.
Sand under your bare feet,
The squish of mud,
Silky coat of cat,
Soft rose petals,
A smooth round rock,
Rain on your face.

Touch it with your eyes.
Cherry trees blossoming pink,
Lake of blue and summer sky,
The green of life,
Purple grapes and apples red,
Moon rising yellow,
Orange sun going down.

Touch it with your ears.
Splatter of rain,
Crack of thunder,
Wind whispering,
Birds singing,
The crying of babies and puppies,
Kittens and ducklings.

Touch it with your nose.
Pine-scent of woods, lilacs blooming,
new-mown grass, smoke of chimneys,
strawberries in the sun.

Touch it with your tongue.
Lick of sugar,
Tang of lemon, ginger, or spice,
Bite of cold snow,
Gulp of pure water.

Look upon this land—
Touch it.
Touch it in every way you can,
For this land is part of you,
And you are part of it.

Given into your care is this earth.
See how beautiful it is.
Be careful not to spoil it,
For if you destroy the world,
There will be no one after you to restore it.

Molly Cone(Molly Cone, Listen to the Trees, UAHC press, 1995, pp. 42-43)

Molly Cone was a well known children’s author, having published over 45 books. She was a founding member of Temple Beth Am in Seattle.

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Kohelet Rabbah, 7:28
“Think upon this and do not corrupt and destroy My world, for if you destroy it, there is no one to restore it after you”.

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