Activity: Seeing – LPS

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 Activity: Seeing

  1. As you do this, pay attention not only to what your senses pick up, but also about what is involved in the act of ‘seeing’ what is around you (you might find it helpful to think how each of the meanings of ‘seeing’ listed below are involved).
  2. Find a place to sit (it might be outdoors, inside a room, amongst people, or somewhere you are alone – you decide).
  3. Sit quietly for 10 minutes and concentrate on what you can see around you.
  4. Write down your observations. Come back and share them with your class.


Some ways we use the word ‘seeing’

(a) observe  (“I can see what you are doing”)

(b) understand  (“I see what you mean”)

(c) recognize  (“there are so any white cars in this parking lot it is hard to see mine”)

(d) visualize  (in a furniture store: “I can just see us sitting at this table in our kitchen”)

(e)___________________ (another meaning)

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