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Exercise: Different Meaning of “Lech L’cha”

Read the sentence on the left – which kind of “Go Forth!” do you think is invoked here? You can mark more than one, but make sure you can explain what you mean in each case. If you mark more than one, explain what it would mean to ‘go’ for each one you marked (eg: going camping might be ‘go forth’ because going to camp means you are moving geographically, but it also may be ‘go to yourself’ because when you are camping you discover you are now capable of doing things that you never would have thought you could do).

Leave where you are for somewhere else
Go for yourself!
For your own benefit — (eg: financial or physical benefit)
Go to yourself!
Getting to know yourself better
Go to the person you will become!
Growing up, becoming a better person
Kate, age 6: “I’m excited about starting a new school, I’m going to learn so many new things.”
Eli, age 5: “we went to the lake for the first time I thought I would be scared to go in the water but I learned that I really liked it!”
Zaitlan, age 8: “Going to summer camp last year was my first time away from home – I really became more confident and independent.
Ronnie, age 7: “We are going to visit our grandparents in Texas – I am really excited”
Kate: “I’m going to miss you when you leave, but I know the job in Boston pays a higher salary.”
David, age 9: “Once a week after school I go with my mum to the home where my grandparents live. I help them to go down to the dining room and sometimes I sing for them because they like that.


Go back to the Biblical text – if we view Avram’s journey through each of these lenses, how might we understand the meaning and significance of his journey?

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