Intertextual Sources: Deciding when to leave – Reasons not to leave – MS, HS, A

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Intertextual Source:  Deciding when to leave – Reasons not to leave

Look up these further references in the Torah: What do they tell us about reasons people have for leaving and reasons they have for staying? In what ways do they involve ‘going from’ and in what ways are they a matter of ‘going to’?

  1. Bereshit 12: 10 – Abram goes to Egypt
  2. Bereshit 27: 41-45 Ya’akov leaves the family home
  3. Bereshit 30:25 – 31:18 – Ya’akov decides to leave Laban.
  4. Ruth1:12-19 – Story of Ruth. Orpha decides to leave Naomi, but Ruth decides to stay with her.

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