Exercise: Good Reasons for Leaving – HS, A

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Exercise: Good Reasons for Leaving

Do you think the following are good reasons for leaving? Explain why or why not.

  1. You leave the room because your brother refuses to give you the video game.
  2. You stop being someone’s friend because you discover she/he stole something from you.
  3. You leave home because people in the house are constantly making you feel bad about yourself.
  4. You leave home because your parent/spouse hit you when you do something to annoy them.
  5. You change schools/jobs because your teacher/employee tells you that you aren’t bright enough to advance to a better level/position.
  6. You leave the party because kids are drinking alcohol and getting drunk.
  7. You leave the local softball team because you think the coach is racist.
  8. You leave the city where your parent’s live to go to college/take a job in another State..
  9. You leave camp/work early because you are bored.

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