Discussion Plan: Consequences and Responsibility – MS, HS

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Discussion Plan: Consequences and Responsibility

  1. If I give you permission to play ball outside the house and a ball goes through the window, who is responsible for the broken window?
  2. You loosen the wheel on the bike of someone intending to scare them, but they ended up getting hurt. Are you responsible for them being hurt?
  3. You help your friend with their homework. Are you responsible for their good grade?
  4. You introduce two people and they become friends. Are you responsible for their friendship?
  5. Your parents don’t give you permission to go to your friend’s sleepover party and your friend is angry with you. Are your parents responsible for the anger?
  6. You know your friend is shoplifting but don’t say anything to anyone. Later, she gets caught and gets into trouble. Are you at all responsible?
  7. Your sister stays out after curfew . Your parents ask your opinion on what to do, but you tell them to do whatever they want. They ground her for a whole month. Are you responsible for her harsh treatment?
  8. You tell your parents that your brother has started smoking. They ask you to try to get him to stop. Are your parents living up to their responsibility?
  9. You give a beggar a dollar. They buy a lottery ticket and win. Are you responsible for them now being wealthy?
  10. Your friends ask to borrow some money. You think they are going to buy cigarettes. They do. If they get sick, are you responsible for their health?

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