Exercise: Seeing – MS, HS, A

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Exercise: Seeing

What does the word “see” or “seeing” mean in each of these phrases?

  1. “It is such a clear night, I can see a lot of stars”
  2. “See that you keep these in the correct order”
  3. “Seeing is believing”
  4. “See, I told you so!!”
  5. “When you mention summer, I see the beach and sand in my mind”
  6. “He always sees the best in people”
  7. “You are just not willing to see it my way!”
  8. “Don’t worry, I have enough money to see me through”
  9. “Why do you only see her faults?”
  10. “Seeing as you are already up, can you please pour me a glass of water?”
  11. “I see what you mean. I hadn’t thought of it like that”
  12. “The last 10 years have seen a sweeping revolution in IT support.”
  13. “I want to see how she handles this on her own.”
  14. “I’ll see to that”
  15. “Please see the guests to the door”


Below are some possible ways of understanding the use of the word ‘see’. Can you match the meanings below with the phrases above?

(a) observe

(b) imagine

(c) take note

(d) consider the fact that

(e) understand

(f) perceive

(g) accompany

(h) comprehend

(i) gain insight

(j) recognize

(k) pay attention

(l) take care of

(m) visualize

(n) experience

(o) __________________


Return to look at Bereshit 16:13 – the word ‘see’ is used 4 times – which senses of ‘see’ could be meant on each of these occasions? How do different meanings of ‘see’ change how we understand the passage?

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